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We harness the power of the 
web to create a simple way for people to join the fight
against ocean pollution.

The Problem

The marine Ecosystem is crucial for life on earth.

50% - 85% of the world’s oxygen comes from the oceans and they also help regulate the climate. Around 98% of the heat from the sun’s rays are absorbed by the ocean!  

Additionally, 94% of all life on earth is aquatic. We need to protect this vital ecosystem!

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Approximately 10 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans each year.

Half of all plastics ever created were created in the last 15 years. Many communities in the world do not have the developed waste and recycling infastructure to deal with such amounts. Causing huge amounts of plastic to leak into the environment and specifically into waterways like rivers that carry the plastic into the oceans.
Unfortunately, plastic is projected to double within the next 10-15 years and could even quadruple by 2040!

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Over 700 marine species
suffer the consequences
of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution affects between 700-1200 species through entanglement or ingestion, both of which can sicken and kill animals. 


Additionally to this, recent studies have found that the plastic waste is impacting the growth and reproductive success of some species. Estimates suggest there are 100 million tons and between 15 and 51 trillion microplastic particles floating in the ocean and this plastic may outnumber fish by 2050!

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The oceans need more marine protected areas to support marine animals and livelihoods.

Only 6% of the oceans are currently marine protected areas, yet the oceans are essential for most of the life on earth. Research shows that 46% of ocean plastic comes from fishing nets and overfishing is a major concern for thousands of marine species from by-catch and pollution.

Trillions of fish are taken out of the ocean each year, which is not good for the balence of the marine eco-system.

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Here are a few videos that will help you to understand the issue