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We are founded in Berlin but our team is all over the world.

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Plastic Bank has 32 Branches in Haiti.

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We support our partner, Plastic Bank with their clean ups in Philippines.

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We are building a micro recycling plant together with the NGO Trash-Waste-Solutions


The pictures below are taken by us or by our partners from initiatives

that we support. Among these pictures, you see clean-ups organized

together with trash waste solutions and Waste-free oceans and our

partner Plastic Bank's collection hubs.

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Our partners Plastic Bank and Waste Free Oceans work to improve the

recycling infastructure all over the world.


“I am grateful for OceanHero because we are able to protect the natural world. Thank you.”

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 “OceanHero has given me the opportunity to create income for myself and my family and we are supporting the ocean at the same time.”

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OceanHero was founded in 2019 and has since inspired millions to join the fight against ocean pollution

What we do

Learn more about our mission

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100,000+ users across

Chrome and Firefox

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Where we work


We are grateful to have supportive partners that enable

us to protect the ocean.

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Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that builds recycling ecosystems in
under-developed communities to improve livelihoods and protect the ocean. The collected plastic is reborn as Social Plastic®, which is developed into products and packaging. This important work is developing the regenerative society to create a circular plastic economy by reintroducing recycled plastic back into the supply chain. Our partnership through OceanHero supports the continuation of this important work to protect the oceans!

"OceanHero is pioneering sustainability by turning everyday actions into an opportunity to support our recycling ecosystems in the world's most vulnerable coastal communities."

-David Katz

Founder and CEO

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Trash Waste solutions are an NGO with volunteers and partners worldwide combating plastic pollution in the ocean. They aim to create a circular economy and prevent plastic from entering the ocean through recycling. Since December, we are happy to partner with Trash Waste Solutions and have been conducting beach cleanups on Sildan Island, Indonesia.

“Working with OceanHero is amazing! Thanks to you we were able to build our first micro recycling plant in Manado, Indonesia”

- Johann Blanc

Founder, Project Engineer Trash Waste Solutions | MEng. Industrial Engineer, Sustainability and Renewable Energies

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Waste Free Oceans is working to reduce marine litter's global impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling. They have created over 10 products from marine litter and collected plastic from over 20 countries using innovative “Ocean Trash Catchers” that remove floating marine debris. We are happy to support Waste Free Oceans to collect and utilize ocean plastic.

“We collect and transform ocean plastic into new and sustainable products and are happy to partner with OceanHero, who supports our work to create recycling innovation in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East, and Africa.” 

- Letitia Florea

Secretary General

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Coalitions & Forums

We actively participate in different groups to connect with the

leaders of the global movement to protect the oceans.

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We are part of the Coalition for Aquatic Conservation, Founded by ALI. They bring together the world’s leading experts to protect aquatic animals. 

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Accelerating a sustainable ocean economy by bringing together policymakers and building networks to support marine life.

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This event provided actionable insights and solutions to help businesses towards sustainability. 

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