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Our Team

We are a passionate international team working hard to fix

one of the worlds most pressing issues; pollution.

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Marvin Burman

Pawel Wszola

Linda Hesebeck

Managing Director
Marvin works directly with our clean-up partners on a day-to-day basis while also coordinating new educational and awareness campaigns that are available in our browser extensions, websites, and social channels. He also works continuously on adding new features to OceanHero.
Pawel supports the technology at OceanHero and is a triathlete in his spare time. He’s a coder that enjoys solving difficult problems at work. He builds new features, manages infrastructure, reviews code, and solves technical challenges with the team. 
Linda has been working with us from the beginning and has helped craft the brand and product. She works on developing new features for Oceanhero. She has a passion for the ocean and recently started exploring freediving in the cold waters of Cape Town as a hobby.  
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Dima Mamchur

Frontend Developer
Dima is our front-end developer. Working at OceanHero brings him a valuable sense of making the world a little bit better. He loves spending his spare time with his family and playing the drums!
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Anna Voitenkova

Frontend Developer
Anna is a front-end developer that has a passion for photography, fencing, and stage performance. Currently, she is focused on research and teaching in her spare time.

Jasper Wilkins

Partner and Marketing Manager
Jasper is passionate about sustainability and protecting the natural world. His work in the movement has taken him to five continents. Jasper is also the founder of Asearth, and is a TEDx speaker.

Ivan Mosiichuk

QA Engineer
Ivan is responsible for the quality of our product. He has recently been taking classes for acting and will perform in his first theater soon!

Taras Bigun

User Support
Taras has been supporting OceanHero with user support and research for over one year! He is passionate about helping the oceans become cleaner.


Our adivsors are experts with varied experience and knowledge
to support the impact we’re having at OceanHero.

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Technical Principal, Marine Ecology and Ocean Plastics Lead @ Mott MacDonald
Rowan is an award-winning and passionate marine biologist and ecology engineer. He recently won the 2020 IEMA Sustainability Impact Award to highlight his achievements in tackling the climate and environmental emergency's global challenges.
He advises us on ecological engineering questions regarding the micro recycling plants we are building together with the NGO Trash Waste Solutions. Furthermore, Rowan is helping us select new initiatives to support.  Rowan is also a passionate photographer of marine life. You can see his amazing underwater photography on his page at
Rowan Byrne
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Gary Stokes
Founder -

Gary has been living and working in Hong Kong for over 29 years, first as a freelance photographer then in ocean conservation. Formerly the Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Global, he is now heading up the newly established, an Asia based NGO focusing on all aspects of ocean conservation in the Asia Pacific region specialising in Intelligence Based Conservation. Specialising on the shark fin industry, shipping/smuggling of wildlife and combating IUU (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated) fishing in the region along with advocating against plastic pollution in our oceans.
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