When you click on advertisements or affiliate links, OceanHero gets paid a small commission. Part of which we can use to pay for the recovery of ocean-bound plastic

Some frequently asked about shells


What do I need to do to collect shells?

You just need to click on advertisements or affiliate links that are promoted by OceanHero. This already helps us to recover ocean-bound plastic.


Why do only some search results have a "collect shells" button?

We have partnerships with different advertisers. Only for those advertisers that you see the link for, we have a partnership.


Does OceanHero send any of my search data to any of these advertisers?

No. The list of advertisers is stored on your device. Therefore, displaying the affiliate links does not send any data to us. Nonetheless, when you click on an affiliate link (the blue button), the advertiser will be able to track you. However, this is the same when you visit any website in general.

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